If you need to change the drivers for a large number of printers, such as on a print server, then you can use the following Powershell to do it. Set $driver to the name of the driver you wish to set and $pattern to match for the printers you wish to affect (so you don’t change the driver on printers you don’t want to).

Note: This script will run pretty quickly, but depending on the number of printers it may take upwards of 10 minutes for Windows to do all the background processing associated with the driver changes. Keep an eye out for a bunch of rundll32.exe processes which will spawn; once they close themselves down the changes should be complete.

$driver = "HP Universal Printing PCL 6 (v5.4)"
$pattern = "HP"

$printers = gwmi win32_printer

foreach($printer in $printers){
        $name = $printer.name
        if($name -match $pattern){
                & rundll32 printui.dll PrintUIEntry /Xs /n $name DriverName $driver

You’re using PrintBRM.exe to migrate printers between servers (or to backup and later restore them on the same server) but when it tries to restore the print queues it fails with “Failed to restore print queue <Printer name>. Error 0x800706d9”

PrintBRM tries to query the Windows Firewall when it creates the shares for the print queues. If the Windows Firewall service is disabled, this step fails and the print queue is not created.

Start the Windows Firewall service (and make sure you either have physical access to the box, iLO/DRAC access, have already configured the firewall not to protect your network interfaces by default or have put an exception in for inbound RDP traffic, otherwise starting the service will lock you out of the box) and run the PrintBRM restore again.