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  1. Question: You have any comments on TMG getting axed?

    I assume you’ve used it to publish OWA or Sharepoint sites? What will you move to?


  2. I think this site is great! Admins have many reasons to rant and be pissed off. We perform miracles, have to reinvent ourselves constantly, unappreciated, have been outsourced, every vendor has a technology that promises to eliminate our jobs and they want us to help them do it! Now this f##$ cloud delusion.
    Good luck IT

  3. I reached your site by way of google, while researching a Nobis / Ubiquity IP range. I just wanted to give you a few tips for your consideration. I block most hack attempts with one line in my .htaccess file – if the SERVER_NAME or the REQUEST_URI = my IP address, the request is denied. Only a script will access your site via it’s IP address! Legitimate users access websites via their domain name, NOT the website’s IP address! I also block ALL webhost IP ranges – No legitimate user can run a browser to browse the web by way of a website on a hosted server. Godaddy maintains my domain names, but reroutes the domain requests to my IP addresses, which are ATT IP addresses. I have accumulated a huge list of webhosts (currently over 2,000 ranges and growing daily) and their respective IP ranges, and use a PHP script that is called before ALL requests, to block any request from webhost ranges. The only legitimate requests I ever got from a hosted website IP was quickly followed by numerous hack attempts using the same IP addresses. In your post you mentioned some of the nobis / ubiquity ranges overlapped – the reason is because Nobis Technology owns Ubiquity hosting, as well as DarkStar gaming servers. Nobis / Ubiquity has over 100 various ranges throughout the world. Many large webhosts operate under numerous smaller names, such as the UK2 group in England. I am currently working on putting up a new site, where I will make this webhost list and my php hack detection script available to website admins. I expect to have it up by the first of the year, and expect to have over 4,000 ranges in the list by then. Since I have blocked access to my sites by way of their IP addresses, and developed the php script, all hack attempts have been automatically blocked. Blocking access by blocking attempts to access the sites by IP address blocks most of the hack attempts. Try it, you will love it! Grinning

  4. HI Friend,

    I have one problem on Server 2003 its a backup server
    and shared some folder on this server after 30 min i unable to access this server getting below error on server.

    The time provider NtpClient is configured to acquire time from one or more time sources. However, none of the sources are currently accessible. No attempt to contact a source will be made for 15 minutes. NtpClient has no source of accurate time.

    plz help me..

    1. It sounds like the clock is unreliable and it’s breaking authentication. You should probably try running w32tm /config /syncfromflags:DOMHIER /Update to set the server to sync from the domain hierarchy. If it’s a workgroup machine, try http://support.microsoft.com/kb/816042 and configure it to use an external timesource like europe.pool.ntp.org.

  5. Good on you – I came via a hotmail spammer who is making my friend’s life a misery. Anything you can do to stop the B’s has my support.

  6. This guy has pinched my Hotmail email, I have seen the spammer is from Lagos in the source and it is going through this notorious Nobis Technology scum. How so I go about getting my email back in control? This is the detail I found in the source. Cheers Brendon – New Zealand


    Kenneth Nwafor

    Director cash processing unit

    United Bank for Africa. (UBA).

    Email:[email protected]

  7. My website got spammed by Nobis Technology Group today. This is a list of ip address:

    -Am sure you have some of these if not all. -Kirby Sommers

  8. I go one step further. We keep a whois database of all ISP’s, with an abuse contact for each. When the IDS that I wrote detects a hack attempt, it adds a firewall rule, blocking the IP address, and sends an email to the owner of the address. Usually, the owner will do something about it, and remove the hacker/spammer, or delete the malware which sends the spam. So far, our IDS has been responsible for the removal of over 80,000 such nasties.
    Nobis is only one of the irresponsible ISP’s. We’re also plagued by OVH SAS, China Mobile, ColoCrossing, QuadraNet, netirons and Hetzner, all of whom contribute to the 1000 hack attempts per month that are launched against our website.

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