As of this morning, I am officially a Microsoft Certified IT Professional: Enterprise Administrator, which is much less impressive than it sounds. It’s basically just the 2008/2008 R2 equivalent of the MCSE, but I guess Microsoft got bored of people referring to it as “Must Consult Somebody Else” and so decided to change the name.

Why so late to the party? Well under normal circumstances I wouldn’t go out of my way to get Microsoft qualifications, but my current employer offered to pay for the exams so it seemed silly not to and I actually learned some stuff about NAP that I didn’t already know (And some stuff about RRAS that I didn’t want to).

Now to start work on my VCAP

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  1. Well done mate.

    Ahhh RRAS – I remember fondly when that was added in the NT4 Option Pack. Its codename was ‘SteelHead’ and we used to call it ‘Rust Bucket’ – it hasn’t improved much over the years sadly or gladly depending on your view ! 😈

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