SafeGuard Enterprise – Sophos releases patch for potential vulnerabilty

A potential vulnerability has been found in Safeguard Enterprise 5.x and SafeGuard Easy 5.5x and Sophos Disk Encryption v 5.5x that could allow an informed attacker, under specific circumstances, to reuse outdated or invalidated credentials for locally accessing an endpoint computer.

This affects all versions of Safeguard Enterprise that I’m aware of, though patches are only available back to 5.35.0 so if you’re still running 5.30.x or (God help you) 5.21, then you’re out of luck unless you upgrade. As it is apparently difficult to identify machines that may be vulnerable, Sophos are recommending that you update all of your endpoints ASAP to be on the safe side.

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  1. Hi There,

    Love reading your site!

    Have you done anything cool with safeguard 7 yet? 😀

    1. Sadly not, I’ve switched contracts and the place I’m working now is using Bitlocker 🙁

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