Sophos Doesn’t Announce New Release of Safeguard Enterprise

Sophos, for some reason, have not announced that they have just released version of Safeguard Enterprise, which adds:

Windows 7 Support for Configuration Protection
SafeGuard Enterprise 5.50.8 Configuration Protection fully supports the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Microsoft Windows 7.

Fast Initial Encryption
A new, optimized handling of initial encryption using full-disk encryption is now available which typically leads to a significantly reduced duration of the initial encryption process. By limiting the initial encryption to hard disk space that is actually ‘used’ and not all the available physical disk space, the performance gain can be dramatic, of course depending on the percentage of used disk space. This new operation mode can be controlled along with the other encryption policy settings and is deactivated by default.

Improved Encryption Performance
A new, improved and optimized implementation of the AES256 encryption algorithm provides better run-time performance when accessing encrypted data. Since the very same encryption module is used for full-disk as well as file-based encryption both modules (DE and DX) benefit from the improvements and yield better performance figures.

Users with active support contracts can download the release from (Maybe one day they’ll get around to integrating it into the Sophos site properly).

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