Improving SSL Security for Forefront TMG

In light of today’s news that OpenSSL has been pretty broken for the best part of a year (see: here, amongst others), I decided to revisit the SSL configuration on my Forefront TMG servers with regard to their published websites. Digging around the internet I came across several useful pieces of information that I thought I’d share.

First up is Qualys’ SSL Server Test tool @, which will give you a report on the state of your SSL setup, mine had some issues mostly due to oversights on my part.

Next, is this article on which runs you through some non-obvious-but-crucial security tweaks you can make to your TMG server to improve its protocol support and avoid a couple of renegotiation issues.

Finally, I was directed to the IIS Crypto tool from Nartac Software, which doesn’t do anything you couldn’t do by hand (and does go back over a couple of protocol tweaks from the previous link), but does make it one hell of a lot easier. Don’t be fooled by the name, the windows crypto settings it changes are server-wide and don’t just affect IIS.

So, with a couple of hours of work I went from an F (Oops, that’ll teach me to forget about disabling SSLv2) to an A and now properly implement PFS for clients that support it.

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