Failed To Restore Print Queue…Error 0x800706d9

You’re using PrintBRM.exe to migrate printers between servers (or to backup and later restore them on the same server) but when it tries to restore the print queues it fails with “Failed to restore print queue <Printer name>. Error 0x800706d9”

PrintBRM tries to query the Windows Firewall when it creates the shares for the print queues. If the Windows Firewall service is disabled, this step fails and the print queue is not created.

Start the Windows Firewall service (and make sure you either have physical access to the box, iLO/DRAC access, have already configured the firewall not to protect your network interfaces by default or have put an exception in for inbound RDP traffic, otherwise starting the service will lock you out of the box) and run the PrintBRM restore again.

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  1. Your blog post saved me a lot of effort. Who would have thought that this queried my “disabled” firewall!!!

    Thanks for posting this.

  2. Had the exact same issue and found a perfect alternative…. Manually migrating the printserver using the following steps:


    Export the following keys on the source server:

    Stop spooler service on target server

    Import the above keys from source server into the target server registry. Also, copy the driver and prtprocs folder under spool folder (c:\windows\system32\spool) from source server to target server (overwrite the target server’s files)

    Start spooler service on target server if the target is a standalone print server. If it is a cluster, skip this step and go to 5.

    If using a CLUSTERED print server (as the target) then merge the following key.
    You do not perform this step if using only a standalone target print server.

    to the following corresponding keys:



    driver, prtprocs folder under spool folder to spool\clusterGUID folder as well, and then restart spooler service

  3. Thanks for the tip! I had been struggling to find a solution for this problem. It is now successfully importing the printers.

  4. Thank you as well. OMG, why can’t Windows just have a popup telling us to make sure Firewall is enabled? Regardless, thank you and Happy New Year.

  5. Holy hell you saved me some serious heartache. I am working on a major upgrade with our largest customer by seats (20-month project), and where I thought the import was successful, come to find out it only imported maybe 8% of the 660+ printers each app server is supposed to have. We’ve already started cloning out their farm and discovered this issue during user testing. The most recent import on what is supposed to be the master for cloning, only imported an additional TWO printers. I can’t do this a few hundred more times to get it done, but I tested your manual migrate on one of the clones and they are now all set up on that virtual.

    It takes maybe 20-25 minutes to complete the add of these printers, as it finds the device in the registry and pulls from the drivers to get it installed. But man, this was wonderful to discover. Thank you.

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