This Is Not A Joke

I have previously completed some work for a mid-sized organization and some of the things I’ve come across in the few shorts weeks I’ve had access to their systems are, frankly, astonishing. I’ve barely even scratched the surface and we’re already well into “so bad it’s not even wrong” territory here; a few examples:

  • Critical Servers not under warranty
  • Critical Servers not backed up
  • Servers backed up to disks on the same disk array as the live data
  • Backups taken to tape and then left in the tape loader indefinitely
  • Servers not patched, ever
  • Antivirus not installed on servers, or installed but disabled “for performance reasons”
  • Server hardware/software not monitored
  • Speed/Duplex on all network interfaces set manually
  • Public address ranges for internal network addressing
  • A single broadcast domain for all devices on the network
  • 120m+ Ethernet cable runs
  • Cat3 cable runs within the core infrastructure (undocumented)
  • New user credentials sent by email, via an externally hosted mail system, to user’s line manager
  • All IT Staff granted unaudited access to the entirety of the file servers
  • All IT Staff local admins on all servers

And that’s just the stuff I’ve found so far and haven’t already repressed. I honestly have no idea where to begin, if there were such a thing as a Worst Practice Guide they’d have not only followed it to the letter, but added their own extensive appendices as well.

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