So, The iPlayer For Android…

Well, the BBC iPlayer for Android has been released and I’m really disappointed.

Before the app I could go to the iPlayer website on my phone and stream recorded TV and Radio programs over 3G or Wi-Fi; no Live streaming, but otherwise pretty good.

With the app, however, I can’t stream anything unless I’m on a Wi-Fi connection and as far as I can see there’s no way to override it, so the fact that they now offer live streams is all but worthless as if I’m somewhere with Wi-Fi I’m usually somewhere with a TV or Radio. What’s even worse is that they’ve now applied the same fucking policy to the mobile version of the iPlayer website too, so I can’t even stream *that* over 3G any more.

Why have they done it? No idea, but it’s bloody stupid. By all means make it default to Wi-Fi only to stop all the idiots complaining when they stream the entire Eastenders back catalogue over 3G and run up for £3,000 phone bill, but I’m not one of those idiots; I want live 3G streaming and at the very least I want my recorded 3G streaming back. I can only imagine that the mobile networks threatened to block all iPlayer traffic if the BBC released their app with 3G support, because we all know that’s easier than actually upgrading your networks to support demand.

Oh, and it can’t run in the background either, or if your phone switches off the screen.

It’s been removed from my phone after a grand total of 8 minutes. Not happy.

Update: According to the FAQ here “[they] are working to make the service available on 3G networks in a future release of the BBC iPlayer Android App.” So that’s all OK then…

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